Cherry Rahn Sculptor and Painter

Transtec, 1993-1999
Viewer's Key to References:

Pseudo-functional Objects: cylinder seal, pneumatic tube container,
battery, circuitry, drive shaft fitting, keyboard, deck, computer,
pottery, architecture.

Symbols: hammerhead, handle, rasp, chain, flourescent tube starter, expansion bolt sleeve,
spindle, screw, nut, computer components, meat pounder, hardware.

Language: templates for chemistry, plumbing, electronics, computers, stage lighting,
geometry, alphabet.

Stratification: denotes passage of time, as in geological strata or cultural accumulation.

Fragmentation: denotes passage of time; plunder; archeological effect as in the taking
of spoils.

Presentation: conservator's approach to fragmentary artifacts; museum presentation;
viewscreen; pseudo-academic presentation (text).

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